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With participation in Prestwick's Adult Clinics, you will get stronger, play longer and learn how to react instinctively to the ball. Our top caliber coaches will use their vast experience and knowledge of the game to help you master the techniques, tactics and strategies you’ll need to take your game to the next level. Using your own natural style, we will help you develop the stamina, speed, agility and endurance you need to play at your very best. All clinics are available through our clinics packages or simply swing by as a drop-in.  We are sure you will elevate your game while having fun in the process.


All adult clinics range from 1 - 1.5 hours in length and scheduled various times of the week. 

Adult Doubles Clinics

Clinics provide invaluable instruction along with the opportunity for members to interact with other players of their own ability.  The emphases of the clinics are on stroke execution and the tactical aspects of doubles.  Scheduled timetables are available throughout the week and are grouped by ability level.  Doubles Clinics will be available in both morning and evening sessions throughout the week. A doubles partner is not necessary for this clinic. 

Live Point Scenarios!!!

Low player to pro ratio:  Maximum 8:1


Want to save $$ on Clinics? 

10 Pack Clinics never expire. 


 Contact the Pro Shop

for more details.

Hit your way into shape with this fast paced drill clinic focusing on singles and doubles point scenarios.   

Shot of the Week

Looking to get some repetition on all shots in your tennis game?  This class focuses on stroke production of all shots in tennis. 

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